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Good day friend and welcome to my blog. I hope you are having a great day and your day has given you a reason to smile. So, today I’ll be doing all the ladies around a favor. I don’t know if girls are anything like guys but part of the things we wonder about is “What is it like in the head of a girl?” Today I’ll be betraying my fellow guys (sorry guys), and I’ll be giving you girls a quick trip in the mind of a guy. And the destination of this trip is “What we want to see in a companion“, I’ll be letting you know the ingredients that make the perfect girl in almost every guy’s mind.

This post didn’t just emanate from thin air, almost all the girls I spoke to wanted a post on this and I decided to save the day, to give you all direction on the areas where you might need to work on to become the perfect girl.  Sounds wonderful right? Common get on tthe bus, it’s time for a field trip.


Be genuinely interested in him

Ah, the first page in the perfect girl handbook, “Be genuinely interested in him.” Let me shed a little light on what I mean by this, by this I mean to be interested in the things pertaining to him, like his job, or side hustle, or his passions, anything he spends his time doing. Over the course of time, men have been treated as this stone figures. To be concealed and keep the things we go through to ourselves but when you are the type of girl who is interested in the things we do, the things that happen to us, you stand out from other girls. It’s not news that most girls love to talk more than they love to listen, so when you’re the type of girl who is willing to listen to details about us or things that happen to us, it immediately sets you apart, it brings us out of our shell and ultimately we will keep coming back becasue you give off a vibe, we don’t get from other girls.


But Remember be genuine about it, no one likes fake interest.


It’s not enough to be interested in the things about him and things that happen to him, you need to supportive of the things he does. Being a guy, most of the times the world is so expectant of you, and life gets so hard but then you can’t break down or give up, you need to go on, Why? Because you are a man! That my friends, is the life of a man. Now there is this constant in life and that’s the downsides, the not so rosy parts, but to every problem there is an opportunity and that opportunity is for you, Perfect girl. When things get hard for him and he’s beaten up, be his medic, patch him and be supportive. When he brings up ideas, be supportive of them, help him see ways to bring dreams to reality.  It isn’t limited to couples, even your crush, if he ever mentions a dream or something he wants to do, make him see the possible side of it. See his potential and drive him to reach it.


Be the launch pad to his rocket and he’ll see you as special

Another ingredient to being the perfect girl, is to be caring. By being caring, I mean understanding that guys are pretty much mushy creatures in a hard shell (not completely, but you get me), so little things like asking about his day, checking up on him, and so on go a long way. A guy’s mother plays a big part in his life, most times she was this caring figure that cared about every little detail about him and when you recreate an image of the first woman in his life, you will stand out. But let’s forget all the mother talk, for God’s sake he is a human being, not Ultron 3.0, a little care wouldn’t hurt, he has feelings too.


Be caring!!!


I don’t know about other guys, but the most of the girls I’ve met are awesome talkers, terrible listeners!!! And the truth is that we guys have gotten used to it, it’s almost like a law. Like I said before about opportunity, as the perfect girl you have to learn to be a good listener. No one is really contending with you as the main talker, to be honest, I don’t think any guy wants to talk as much as the girl does but what we want is an ear that actually listens when we talk. Sometimes, I have to repeat a particular statement multiple times just for the girl remember it the exact way I did not say it! But really girls, work on how you listen to that guy you want to impress, he doesn’t talk much, so you might as well listen to little he says.

Also being a good listener entails, not interrupting when one isn’t talking. I can’t count how many times I have had to wait for my spotlight time and halfway through “someone” (I hope you’re reading this) remembers something and just interrupts, changing the whole direction of the conversation with my spotlight gone, until the next 100 years before I get the chance to speak up again.

Seriously, work on your listening skills girls!!!


So there are still more ingredients to becoming the perfect girl on the way, you’ll see them in later posts. I hope you were able to pick up a few ingredients in this post. For the guys, remember I can’t say it all, so if you have any ingredients to add, please do in the comments section.


Have a wonderful day.

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