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Screenwriting By Ahmed Taher |

So I decided to build a new PC from scratch and create a company to enhance my editing skills even further.  The process took months and slowly The Screenwriting Spark collected dust.  I sincerely apologize for that.  It’s difficult to seek out screenwriting resources when you aren’t writing anything to apply the knowledge you learn.

Still, I enjoyed the break.  Before September, I put a ton of pressure on myself.  2016 was the year of the screenplay submission.  I was determined to put my best foot forward and I fell short of my goals.  Looking back, I’m confident I’m a better writer now than I’ve ever been.  Why?  Because the pressure is gone.  I’ve learned from my mistakes.

At the end of the day, I write screenplays because it makes me happy.  I’ve always been a realist when it came to my chances of ‘making it’.  I’m not saying I’ll never take another shot but, for now, I’m happy writing for myself again.

Ironically, it was this website that reignited my passion for screenwriting.  My new company is up and running and my movie/tv/video game website Nerd Infinite is growing rapidly.  Suddenly, my daily commute on the train felt lonely.  I wasn’t writing business plans or researching parts for my computer.  I missed writing screenplays.  Forgive the pun but I needed a Spark.

I started visiting my favorite screenwriting websites and I was instantly reminded of why I started this site in the first place: SCREENWRITERS INSPIRE SCREENWRITERS.

I was addicted all over again.  It turns out, I probably enjoy learning about the craft more than the act of actually writing a screenplay.  It’s incredibly inspiring to read about the journeys of other writers.  That’s all it took.  The time had come for The Screenwriting Spark to take center stage once again.

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