The Gears of War Movie Has A Screenwriter Attached!?

Screenwriting By Ahmed Taher |

I love video games.  I always have.  I’m a sucker for incredible single player experience.  Particularly when those experiences are driven by an amazing story.

But let’s face it, adapting a video game for the big screen isn’t exactly… profitable?  I got burned TWICE in 2016.  I fully believed Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed would help kick start a golden age of video game movie adaptations.

It didn’t happen.  Nearly 10 years ago, in Marvel’s Iron Man, Nick Fury explained to Tony Stark that he was part of a bigger world.  That moment launched the idea of a shared movie universe.  A trend that continues to build strength which every successful release.

The video game world is staying waiting for a big Nick Fury type moment.  The next big glimmer of hope is the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander.  Now we have another big franchise to look forward to: Gears of War.

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