Firestorm |Christina Bruno

Poetry By Ahmed Taher |

February 28, 2018


You came into my life like a firestorm,

Something dangerous yet so compelling.

I knew that if I got too close I might get burned,

But there was also the chance that getting too close could ignite a spark, even fireworks perhaps

And so I took the risk, which left me with a wounded heart.

For you were a fire,

And your flames danced on my skin as if it were a stage,

And you put on quite the show.

You’ve filled my lungs with smoke from all your games,

And now I am left charred and scorching in pain.

You extinguished me from your life to create fireworks with someone else

And now all I am left with is nothing but ash.

By: Christina Bruno

Hi everyone! I am a new author of PoetryInspired and this is my first published poem so I hope you all like it. By clicking on my name, it will send you to my personal blog which has the overarching theme of learning to love yourself. I have a Life Inspiration and Thoughts section, which showcases my writing and a lot of my poetry that you should check out if you like this poem! I also have a fashion and beauty section for those who are interested! Thanks 🙂

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