Screenwriting Around The Web #25

Screenwriting By Ahmed Taher |

The Bitter Script Reader discusses aspiring writers blaming The Black List for the lack of a career boost.  He offers a lot of valuable advice writers may not want to hear.  Especially when they hear things like this script is not for me.

“Celebrate rejection like you would celebrate the end of a relationship with someone who it’d be a complete mistake to marry.” (The Bitter Script Reader)

Setting realistic goals for yourself is important but most important of all?  Write a good story and keep writing despite any obstacles put in your way.

NOTE: Last year, I wrote a script and entered it into the Nicholl Fellowship.  It didn’t make it past the first round and I decided to put screenwriting on hold.  I chose to focus on a other creative endeavors and let my brain exhale.  It’s hard for me to write ‘keep writing despite any obstacles’ without mentioning that I hung up my gloves late in 2016.  I like to think of my decision as a brief pause.  Screenwriting is still very much my passion.  So keep writing!!!  I certainly will!

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