Roadmap Writers Is Looking For The Next Great Iconic Character!

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Roadmap Writers is an educational resource for screenwriters offering a variety of courses and screenplay services.  The courses provide focused training to help you perfect the craft and learn the ins and outs of the business of writing screenplays.  You gain access to high-profile executives, webinars, script analysis and studio level coverage.

Now, Roadmap Writers have launched the Iconic Characters Fellowship.  A brand new (and totally FREE) competition open to everyone who thinks they’ve created the next great iconic character.  Here’s how it works:

“Submit a 1 page essay on why you should win Roadmap Writers’ Iconic Character Fellowship from the perspective of your main character. Winner will have have their script go into development at Roadmap Writers and sent out to their roster of execs (with 5 guaranteed meetings). FREE to submit!” (Roadmap Writers)

Personally, I love the essay approach to this competition.  Writing from the perspective of the main character is a fantastic way to show off your creativity.  If your script features a larger than life character, this is a fantastic opportunity!  In additional to development guidance you’ll get 5 guaranteed meetings with executives!

The deadline is May 31st!

For more details visit Roadmap Writers – Iconic Character Fellowship

You can also check them out on Twitter & Facebook.

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