Free Verse: At the Age of 10, I was a Bird.

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In this Free Verse Poetry, “At the Age of 10, I was a Bird.”

I wanted to share an experience of my first time flying with my father, he was an aerial photographer and pilot for the air force. It was a thrilling adventure for a child of age 10. Hope you enjoy this little free verse poetry and digital art piece!

Free Verse Poetry: At the Age of 10, I was a Bird.

I, at the age of 10.Got the chance to be a bird.Or at least feel like what it was to fly, to soar.My father had purchased a Cessna 150.

A two-wing contraption which held our life.

At the sound of tires on pavement,grinding stone against the rubber,And then, my gut being pulled down into toesI am like a small bird, taking off into the unknown.My father pointed out the window.

My throat gasped. My eyes seeing belowI saw things go from big to small withinseconds as we flew higher and higher into the blue.I thought I was looking at a 10,000-piece puzzle.So many pieces.Little odd shapes of green, oblong shapes of water, and squares.

Now I could see…what a bird sees.

The view below, and now soaring so high above Earth,I was, but one tiny atom of mother Earth.My father tapped me on the shoulder.He motioned, for me to put my handsupon the yoke in front of me(steering mechanism of a small plane).I placed both hands apart after observinghow my father had set his.

I watched as he turned the yoke to the left,

My gut fell again into my toes. I felt like I was soaring.

I looked out of the window as we turned in the wind.A white cloud hung in the sky in front of us.We flew into the humungous cloud,I saw white, gray, and space betweenother puffy clouds within clouds.

I believe my mouth fell off my face.

Then, boom out of the white and into blue,Father motioned with his hands thatit was time to head back.I just stared out the window, soaking ineverything I could see.We had flown a bit when I noticed we were descending.The earth felt like it was going to swallow me.

Quickly the small green, blue, and shapes became bigger.My gut serged up into my throat.Then, the sound of rubber grinding pavement again,We roll to a stop, and I sit in the cockpit ofour small plane, while my father safety checks everything.

Appreciating the feeling, that, I was a bird for a moment.

©2017 Linda J. Wolff|At the Age of 10, I was a Bird|An urban free verse poetry

What is a Free Verse Poetry? Typically patterned by speech rather than meter, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.

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This could also be an ekphrastic poem for The Ekphrastic Review, of describing the hearts hanging like dead weights.

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