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Merry Christmas and welcome my blog. This is the first post of the Blogger week tagged “Building a good lifestyle ” and as the topic suggests I’ll be talking a little on how Art is necessary to building a good lifestyle… No, I’ll be letting you know how Art is Life. So get comfy and enjoy.

Before I start I want to make sure that we all have a vivid understanding of what Art means. Many of us have this picture of paintings, sculptures and drawings in our heads when the word “Art” comes up but those only fall under a category called Visual Art. Art entails more. If you google the meaning of Art, you’ll probably find a lot of words flying here and there and even be more confused than when you started, so let me help out and define it in my own words: Art is the expression of the human mind in any form to be appreciated for its aesthetics or captivated by its emotional message. The key word here is expression, when you think of Art as an expression of the human mind, you understand it has a broader spectrum. In modern times, people have found new ways to express their minds so we have Poetry, Literature, Photography, Music, Sculpting, Editing, Print making, Fashion being used as Art. One thing that’s key is that as long as you’re expressing your mind to convey a message or to be appreciated for how good it looks, it’s Art.


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Those not so enthusiastic about Art might read the topic and wonder what I’m trying to say. “Art is Life” is a big claim, so let me explain. Firstly, why I know Art is life is because its a “you” thing. It’s an expression of your mind to the world and it can either be related to or rejected either ways you’re expressing yourself. I’m a big fan of individuality and I’ve come to notice it’s one of the biggest needs of man. We often tend to want to know who we are as individuals, what separates us from the crowd and I feel Art is the first step in the right direction. Consider Art as just the messenger, what you have to say is the message so in a way, Art is a way of discovering yourself. So why Art? Cause Art is unique, Art is a you thing.

Another reason to why I feel Art is life is cause of its ripple effects, cause of the message. If you think on it, Art is a means of communication from one mind to another in a way Mark Zuckerberg and Co. could never discover. Art sends genuine messages from one mind to another. Your message through art could spark a social change, people in an uncomfortable situation all receive a wakeup call from one mind through Art and all rise in one voice to make a change. Your message through Art can comfort another heart, sometimes we go through some emotions or circumstances that might seem so difficult but just knowing someone else is going through the same thing or has been through it and made it makes you feel better… So why Art? Art heals, Art speaks, Art is our natural social network.



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Aside from helping another mind, Art does so much for you the sender of the message. Sometimes we go through emotions that mere words can’t express, or we got choked up by emotions that we really need to express ourselves desperately… Art is the way. I can’t count how many times, writing a poem made me feel better and I’m sure it’s the same for musicians or painters or sculptors. Art sometimes is the drug for some feelings we can’t really explain. Like, haven’t you been in some situations you can’t put your finger on? Next time, Art it out. Besides let’s not forget that through Art we are leaving a legacy. Your legacy is a human factor,  it’s not how much you’ve done, it’s how much people remember you’ve done, and imprinting your signature on this earth with your Art is a way to leave your legacy. So why Art? Cause Art is Art…. Art is life.

So that’s a wrap, I hope you were able to gain something from this post. Stay tuned to this blogger week for more amazing posts that will be coming your way on the other blogs. To keep in touch, you could check my Instagram. Remember I can’t say it all, if you have any thing to add or say, the comment box is and will always be yours. And if you’re new to this blog, a very warm welcome, you could check other posts, they’re here for you.

Have a wonderful Art filled life!

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