Christmas is here

Poetry By Ahmed Taher |

Merry Christmas everyone!!!🎆🎉🎆🎉 and welcome to my blog. I’m hoping that your Christmas is going great and wherever in the world you might be, you have a reason to smile on this beautiful day. So, in an attempt to build up my Christmas spirit, I wrote a short poem on this festive period that I would love for all of us to see. I had to rush it cause… Well, cause Christmas was running our way but I think I was able to convey the message that I wanted to in the poem. So here’s it

Christmas is here

January to November might have left you with a couple of bad days,

But no fear,

A friend in December is on his way.

And he’s here with his happiness license,

Anything but being happy around him is a criminal offence.

He’s here to give you a reason to smile,

Even though that might be the long-lost friend,

Your face hasn’t met in a while.

He’s here to make you feel at ease,

So be happy and be merry

Put a smile on a face,

Where ever you might be, no matter the place.

Because unto us, today a savior was born,

Let’s try to keep up his tradition,

Spread love and joy,

Christmas is here for everyone.


So that’s the poem, I hope it was able to jog up that Christmas spirit of yours. I feel just like in the poem, this day is like the only day in the year where happiness is the tradition. It’s a joyful day, don’t be swayed by not being able to go where you plan to, or have the holiday you wanted, today is a day to be happy, happy for everything and anything. I personally know what it feels like to feel like you’re having a terrible period, trust me, in all my years, this is my all time low. But I’m putting my sadness at the doorstep and having a good time while Christmas is here, cause this is the only day I’m allowed to. And also, don’t stingy with your happiness as you put a smile on your face, try to put a smile on someone else’s. Let’s be happy, Remember, today is the only day in the year you have the license to.

Have a Wonderful Christmas🎉🎆🎉😘!!!

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