[Guest Writer] It Seems To End! – Prachee Meena

Short Stories By Ahmed Taher |

You made a fool of me,You left our song unsung.Well, it was fun for you,But now read the story from my point of view.

You can take our photo off the wall,You proved the colors were all wrong.I still miss our song,But you decided not to sing along.

The truth is you’re gone,The game you started, you’ve won.But that last kiss is still on my pillow,And the memories we made will everglow.

Myself Prachee Meena. Apart from scribbling words, I love to draw and to listen to music all the time.I’m not at all serious type of person. Well, I tried but I always laughed at the wrong place, wrong time!! So I always smile instead.I always have so much to say but we don’t always find the chance of being heard in today’s busy world. So I write and I can be everything that I’m not allowed to be with the simple magic of pen and paper.I write anything and everything that I feel like writing about and try to improve with every post.

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