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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  I’m hoping you’re feeling pumped ahead of the new year coming on, 2018 is on his or… her way😂. If you’re not so pumped, don’t worry I can relate,  I was wearing your shoes five minutes ago, just know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 2018 will never come twice, so you need be pumped to make 2018 a wonderful year. So I wanted to make a post talking about resolutions and all but I wasn’t really feeling it,  so I decided to talk about what this year has taught me. I’m talking about this so you can learn from it and hopefully use it going forward in 2018🚈🚈 .

Okay, first lesson I learnt is that life is very, very, very, very(how many very’s is that)…. very unpredictable. Like seriously, life makes twists and turns so quickly if you’re not careful, you’ll end up like shaft blown in the wind but seriously, life is…. life. I never expected my dad to have a stroke during the course of the year but it happened, I expected to have to have ten thousand views a month on this blog (getting close to it) but it didn’t happen, I put so much effort into school work expecting something but still didn’t happen, life made turns that I never expected in 2017 and I wish I was prepared for it… but I wasn’t cause that’s life. I don’t want to make this seem gloomy, I just want you to know that life makes some turns you never expect and the least you can do for yourself is to keep people and things that would inspire you to keep on keeping on. Least you can do is keep running even if it’s at a slow pace, don’t stop. You might not control what life throws at you but you control how you respond to them.

Second lesson I learnt is that there’s only so much a mortal can do. This year I came across my best friend and she was the most suitable person I had come across in my life to my template, you know that imaginary image of perfection we have in our heads (she wasn’t as pretty though 😂), but I think you get what I’m trying to say. So, seeming so complete I tried making her my foundation, opening up to her, being weak in front of her and she stood up to the occasion, she was there for me. But then she’s only mortal, the point when I needed the most, she wasn’t there, and gradually love turned to hate cause of her unavailability. Now that emotion is what I want to eliminate from your minds, hating people for not being there, the truth is that no one can be there all the time. So don’t put all your hope in man, 2017 taught me that the only one who would always be there is God and that’s who we should depend on. I’m still working on my relationship but I know it’s a step in the right direction.

Third lesson I learnt is life is short, so do what you love doing. In the year 2017, I started to blog and kicked off my poetry and I had always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, so I saved up and got one. These steps I took, give me joy every time I do them, every time I write or blog or play the guitar (which I’m not good at yet by the way😂), I have this happiness and feeling of “me”ishness and that’s something we all need to feel regularly. In 2018, go out there and do what you love.

Fourth lesson is concerning family, I learnt it’s important to know your family well. It’s not just enough to be close, you need to understand the people you’re connected by blood too and then you will be able to love them. With the whole stroke thing, we had to really stick together as a family and it was in this downtime I learnt more about my parents than I had learnt all my entire life. But at first it was really hard to keep going, cause eventually I broke down, like a lot, trust me a lot and it was because I was expected to make so much sacrifices for someone I barely knew and it was hard to keep going. So my advice is this, in 2018 get to know you family better, know them well and then you can love them well. Your family is your only home, so in case of when things go south, you won’t be stuck with people you don’t know or can’t stand.

Last lesson I learnt from 2017 is that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to be happy. Whatever the situation, come rain come shine, you have to be a self-sustained happy system. Don’t let it be a responsibility of other people, get to know yourself and the things that make you happy and always try to do them. This year I found myself sad a lot and that was cause I depended on other people for happiness but towards the end (by end I mean this week😂) I came to realise no one is ever going to make me as happy as myself, so I did the things David Cromwell loved to do. Be your own personal “pick me up crew”, always try to keep yourself happy.

So that’s a wrap, you can see that 2017 taught me a lot, funny thing is that there’s still more but I might talk about that later, these are the major lessons. I hope you were able to gain something from this post and you’re heading to 2018 more informed. Remember, I can’t say it all, put your own lessons from 2017, and let’s head into 2018 so much more prepared. Wait!!!! pppplllllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee, don’t just like, drop your comments/lessons, it’s getting lonely out here😢. Thanks cause I know you will 😀.  If you’re new to this blog,  a warm welcome to you,  you can check out the other posts they’re for you. Don’t forget to comment, I don’t have much friends😢.

Have a beautiful day.

See you in 2018🎉🎊🎉

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