Videoblocks For Aspiring Writer/Directors

Screenwriting By Ahmed Taher |

There are many forms of inspiration.  Many ways to get over writer’s block, sit in the chair and create.  For screenwriters, there are coffee shops and quiet park benches.  There are screenwriting books, classic movies and a never ending stream of content online.

It’s different for the writer/director combo.  Aspiring artists who wish to write and direct their own films can satisfy their need to write instantly.  But the director has to wait until the day the cameras roll to truly employ their craft.  There is pre-production but, if you’re like me, drawing is an impossible task and creating storyboards consists of bad stick figures.  (Not GOOD stick figures.  Bad stick figures.)

There is a tool out there that you might not have considered.  Stock video, graphics and audio libraries.  There’s an incredible collection of high quality video at your fingertips.  Collecting visual elements to help you plan your film can be an extremely valuable resource.

Beyond that, imagine being able to comb through thousands of music tracks to find a tempo that fits your screenplay perfectly.  You can start a collection of cinematic scores and add them to your existing musical muses.  Directors can search libraries of gorgeous stock video (with many in 4K) and throw together a rough visual reel of that fits their vision.  Stock libraries as an inexpensive yet extremely powerful pre-production tool.

That doesn’t include the obvious uses implementing stock elements  in practical film projects, documentaries, short films and promotional vidoes.

As a professional editor, I use Videoblocks, Audioblocks and Graphicstock on a regular basis.  But I didn’t realize their incredible potential to inspire until I created this video:

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