Let’s Talk “Decisions you must get right in life”

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Hello friend and welcome to my blog. I’m hoping that your day has given you at least a reason to smile, if not I hope this post gives you a reason to. So, I will be continuing with the series I started last year tagged “Decisions you must get right in life” and this is the last episode of the series. Before I introduce the next decision, I really advice you to check the other episodes as they have been really wonderful and besides you don’t start a TV series from the last season do you? So, click here for the last episode. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to next crucial decision, you might find it a little funny though:


Do something crazy


Yes, I know this decision might seem a little…… crazy but give me the chance to explain how important this is. Before I dig in, I want I mean when I say “Do something crazy”, I mean all those things we are all have impulses to do but society deems them as abnormal. Yeah, those things, anyone have this wish to do something crazy in public or want to say something but you keep to yourself because you don’t want to be looked at funny. So by now I’m sure you get the picture I’m painting , I’m talking about things we want to do but don’t cause of statuesque. But let me another stroke to this canvas, by doing something crazy, I’m also implying doing something you won’t normally do, breaking your personal status-quo. Yup, breaking your own rules is a decision you must make in life.

And I’ll give a couple of reasons why but before I do, I want to give my philosophy on statuesque. They were created to regulate the society, where there is no law there is no will. People were probably behaving like animals, so as a remedy it became customary for us to behave ourselves in public. Out of mutual respect for fellow human, we comport ourselves and that sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But like everything in life, it’s a two-sided coin, as it regulates the society it also regulates the society. It dictates who we are, make us feel one side of us is more presentable and we should keep our true selves locked up. It’s a good and bad thing all together.

But that’s a story for another day, the reason to do something crazy sometimes, is to really get in touch with yourself. I’ve done it a few times and the feeling of… freedom that accompanies it is ecstatic. It really just makes you feel more of yourself, makes you feel free. That feeling is something we all need to have as we go through life because those are the highlights of our lives. Think about it, for those who watch sports (football in particular) the highlight of the match isn’t the repetitive passing or normal play, the highlight is when the match breaks it status-quo, to do something that wasn’t “normal” to the match and that’s what doing something crazy is to our lives. Its your life’s highlight, try to reflect on the past, the good things you’d remember are those times when you did things people wont do, things people considered as weird, the time you danced in public, the time you stood on a table, the time you did…. You.

Aside from the feeling of freedom and getting in touch with yourself, doing something crazy gives you a chance to grow as an individual. When we do things that cross our minds boundaries or the limits we set for ourselves we grow, we expand ourselves. You might be someone who never talks first, now doing something crazy, like walking up to a stranger and talking to them makes you grow, expands you. Who said being crazy isn’t good.

Let me give a personal experience, so some time ago there was a girl I had feelings for and it was time to let her know how I felt. Normal David Cromwell won’t tell her how he felt, probably would give himself excuses for the perfect time to come also known as the time that never comes. So, I did the crazy, got up as early as no man could and headed to where she was going to and I waited, which felt like a thousand years by the way. And when she came, I told her, she was shocked because it was early, unexpected, it was crazy. And guess what people…. She said No, yup, you read right N-O, NO. But then the feeling of freedom from both my feeling and doing something as crazy as that cause trust me, it was, made me feel good. And that’s that doing something crazy does for you, it’s still a highlight I still remember walking past where I was meant to be and heading to hers, the look of surprise by the people there like ” What are you doing here?” and that feeling of being on top of the world as I headed back to where I was meant be as the proudest fool on earth but I was worth it, I grew as a person and made a memory while doing it.

So that’s a wrap, I hope I was able to convince you to go out there and be crazy! The details of my story weren’t complete, so I might tell I another day. This is a discussion, so anything you want to say, the comment box is and will always be yours. If you’re new to this blog, a warm welcome to you, try to check out other posts, they’re just for you.


Have a wonderful crazy day, now go, go out and do something crazyy

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