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Poetry By Ahmed Taher |

MY PATH.I’m following though it’s full of mud,spotting stepping stones before each move,might there be no stepping stones,trust me, like a mad man, I’ll swim in,surely it will take me to the peak of my view,sharp thorns besides,but none can out-track my vigour,my path,my path,it’s my path that I’m following.

Scary darkness ahead,but my little candle shall take me through,I’m breaking out of my jail,those chains can no longer hold my walking sticks,watch me unveiling those hidden adventures,yes,watch closely,learn to tell tales since my tale you shall tell.

From the bondage of procrastination,from the ties of the nots,from the valley of shyness,from the tomb of can’ts,away from the valley of shame,I fly, I fly, I fly,flying to the top of the cans’ tower,diving across the pond of quitters,see my head on the head side of the coin.

Hey you,wishing to join in!!?,come in,let’s venture in this desert together,if not,then step out of my way,your cold thoughts should not be my obstacles,I want to explore beyond the blue,surprises are what more of what I’m expecting,let snakes bite and vultures’ craws on me,never shall I die nor perish,instead,those will turn to scars and marks,they will be shinning when I’m at the end of the my path.

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