Felix Bernstein, Canon Repellance (M/ELT/UCLA)

Poetry By Ahmed Taher |

M/ELT Winter 2016 Presents

Canon Repellance

A discussion with Felix Bernstein, CUNY Graduate Center

Co-moderated by Anahid Nersessian and Brian Kim Stefans

Wednesday, January 27th

5 pm

Humanities 250

Free and open to the public

“A look through how queer eccentrics are welcomed into the academy, the museum, the poetry establishment, and buzzfeed pop culture, from John Wieners to Eileen Myles and Frank O’Hara. Special attention will be paid to common antinomies in the reception of these artists, with some viewing them as affective/sincere and others viewing them as ironic/deconstructive. This will culminate in an examination of the recent use of poets in museums, and the way that my own critique of the New Museum was received both negatively and positively in the art world.”

Felix Bernstein’s Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry, a collection of provocative theoretically-nuanced essays, recently appeared from Insert/Blanc Press.

Please contact Brian Kim Stefans at [email protected] for the set of pre-distributed writings and, if needed, information about parking at UCLA.

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

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