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February 22, 2018

Black And Red

Planet is screaming for a change.Murders, Pain, HateBlack and Redsuch wonderful colors; love them.

Murders, Pain, HateThe murder is pleasuresMoney is your happyMoney wants more moneyand more money needsmore blood.Yeah, blood baby…Devil, is in the Earthcall us to offer him blood.Killers everywhere are smiling to you.

Where are you, peace?Where are you, people?Where are you, love?

Planet is screaming for change.Murders, Pain, HateBlack and red everywhereMothers screamingKids cryingFathers, brothers keep the gunsBlack soulsRed bloodslovers of well thought out visuals.

Where are you, peace?Where are you, people?Where are you, love?

March,2016by Evi Koroni

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